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Service Area:

  • Owen Sound
  • Collingwood
  • Thornbury
  • Meaford
  • Craigleith
  • Southampton
  • Port Elgin
  • Wiarton
  • Sauble Beach
  • Shallow Lake
  • Tobermory
  • Grey Bruce County
    & Parts of Simcoe

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

Who We Are:

We are professional organizers who have a passion for helping others. Especially those that want more “neat and tidy” moments in their life. We help our customers establish boundaries in their lives and give them some balance - celebrating success each step of the way. Our customers will benefit from tapping into a sense of well-being and what everyone desires – to be organized and clutter-free! Let us take care of the details. We will create custom solutions …. manageable ones that you can continue yourself!

How We Help:

Life changes and you may feel the need to downsize to a smaller home, a different location, an assisted living residence or your decision may be a planned move for other reasons. Together we will determine what really matters to you right now - then we will put a step-by-step plan in place to help you accomplish this. We will help you through this transition. Look at this as an opportunity to clear out unwanted items. Our experts can de-clutter and sort your belongings and household items months before putting your home up for sale and when the time is right, we can assist with your move with peace of mind for you! Have an emergency to cope with? Have to move quickly? We can help!

Seniors Needs
We LOVE helping seniors. Keeping a home running smoothly takes a lot of work. Family, neighbours and friends may be filling a gap, but if this is becoming a problem, consider calling us! We can help with any piles of things you want gone, small jobs or that basement you haven’t seen for a while! Want more room in your closets or have rooms to be cleared? Trust us to get this done for you.

Estate Clear-Outs
We offer full-service estate clear-outs starting from that first phone call from executors or others responsible for the assets. Depend on us to accomplish this at the pace you set. We can work with families to get the estate cleared up and do pretty much anything to get this done with your needs in mind. We are committed to customer service excellence.

Clear Clutter and Tidy-Up – Home, Cottage, Condo, Apartment
We offer customized solutions for your home! Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of working with our professional organizers … one-on-one or a whole team to get the job done quicker! Have a signature look that’s all your own. Stop looking for things over and over again and shock yourself with your power to find anything easily! Whatever your schedule, budget and needs, we can help get you on the path to a cutter-free home! We will simplify your life so you have time for things that really matter and for the activities you enjoy in life!

Storage Space Organizing – Pantry’s, Basements, Attics, Garages, Sheds
Organizing is a process and we will work with you to get other areas cleared up and put to better use. It’s easy to accumulate “stuff” over the years and some face an entire home full of many years’ worth. Let us help you begin your journey to more organized storage spaces. Many of us struggle with our fast-paced society, work schedules, family commitments and sometimes these spaces get out of control. We will get these areas working for you and you’ll be amazed with the results!

Clear Clutter and Tidy-Up – Closets or Rooms
If you want more “neat and tidy” spaces in a closet or a room that you need re-organized, we can help! Our techniques will help you manage your home with less stress and we will provide totally “do-able” solutions to help you maintain these areas. Messy linen closets, numerous junk drawers (say goodbye to them!), spare bedrooms, laundry room, kitchen - Let’s start with what’s making you crazy!

Organize your Collectables
Life is interesting and whatever your collection is, we can dust it off and get it on display for your viewing pleasure! Renew your love for what you collect and what’s important to you as a collector. We can catalogue collections for your personal use or insurance purposes.
Time to let your collection go? We can help sort, pack, distribute or sell your collectables for others to enjoy – sometimes the time is just right to do this.

Other Help with a Capital “H”
Paper/mail management, income tax receipt support (be ready for tax season), “handy man” jobs, small errands, home office set-up, business organizing, an extra pair of hands whenever you need it – give us a call and get us working for you! Are you considering putting some of your possessions up for auction? A unique situation? We’ve got you covered.

Our History:

Every business has a story. I grew up in a busy family with parents that absolutely kept “order in the house”. There was only one place for scissors. We all knew where to find them and the importance of returning them to their home-base was well understood. I have continued this thirst for being organized throughout my life and except for my refrigerator, I’m pretty much on track!

My love of helping people is a passion and I love the opportunity to do this.

For many years, I operated a tax and accounting business and this helped me to appreciate that everyone has their own unique story. As a Certified Financial Planner, I was able to help our customers with their paper work, organize their tax requirements and got them on a plan to stay organized. I have had training as an Elder Planning Counsellor and my love of seniors is felt by many I have helped over the years. After moving to a smaller city, I enjoyed a career in banking and was able to continue my passion by helping customers with their financial well-being. These career experiences were an easy transition to my choice of becoming a Professional Organizer and of course, helping others!

I am a member in good standing of the Professional Organizers in Canada. New Journey Organizers Inc. is bonded and insured. Privacy guaranteed.

My team and I work hard to live up to our reputation as non-judgemental, caring, professional and passionate about what we do. Call us today. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.

New Journey Organizers Inc. - (519) 935-3456 - OWEN SOUND, Ontario